And the most popular flight controller for INAV is…

Did you ever wondered what is the most popular flight controller? Hardware I mean. I can tell you 🙂 OK, maybe it will not be a full truth, since I have data only from INAV, but assuming that distribution for Betaflight and Cleanflight is similar, we might know what is happening…

Important, this is not the number of boards flashed with INAV, but rather number of times a board was connected to Configurator!

This counts TARGET software name, not retail name. For example, all clones of Naze32 will be counted as Naze32

Data was taken in June 2017, multiple connections during single user session are stored as single entry.

  1. SP Racing F3 – 29% of all boards
  2. Naze32 rev. 5 and 6 – 19% of all boards
  3. Omnibus F3 – 13%
  4. Omnibus F4 Pro (aka v2 aka SD) – 10%
  5. Naze32 older than rev. 5 – 5%
  6. SP Racing F3 EVO – 5%
  7. CC3D – 4%
  8. Omnibus F4 (all revisions besided v2 Pro) – 3%
  9. Revolution – 1.5%
  10. Airbot F4 – 1%
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Everything else is rather esoteric and all other 40 something different targets and revisions has 10% in total.

This data also says something about CPU generations distribution:

  1. STM32 F1 – 31%
  2. STM32 F3 – 52%
  3. STM32 F4 – 17%
  4. STM32 F7 – not yet… AnyFC F7 is still outside TOP 10

The trend is that F4 boards (and soon F7) are more and more popular. Only 6 months ago SP Racing F3 had 37% of market share, all Naze32 revisions had 33% and all F4 boards combined had only 3%. World is changing, and it’s a prime time… F1 boards have to go away…

3 thoughts to “And the most popular flight controller for INAV is…”

  1. sorry to comment here,

    thanks to INAV dev give great poshold feature, and its can receive
    from nrf24l01 transceiver

    I just wanna share what I think will be interest,
    I always interest to formation flight and In the past I dunno how to
    make formation flight of quadcopter (there are many quadcopter with 1
    controller), I mean about connectivity, but today I found what I think
    is very cool (sorry if it this is too old for you)

    there is RF24Mesh (, its a library
    for making nRF24L01 in mesh connection, so we can make network using
    nRF24L01 (can transmit or received data from one node to other node)

    so I think it can be implemented in INAV and INAV Configurator, it
    will be first open source drone project for formation flight, and this
    game will be more interesting, we can make a drone show with led or

    but sorry I am noob in programming, just know little about arduino, so
    I can help dev to implemented this

    and I found this video (2014) using ardupilot :

    1. Formation flying is slightly more complicated than that. You can not just send the same RC singnal to all crafts hoping they will react the same way. They will not. So something has to know where each craft is drive is separately

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