And the most popular flight controller for INAV is… (August 2017 edition)

More than 2 months after previous “What it the most popular flight controller for INAV“, welcome to second edition.

I mportant, this is not the number of boards flashed with INAV, but rather number of times a board was connected to Configurator!

This counts TARGET software name, not retail name. For example, all clones of Naze32 will be counted as Naze32

Data was taken in August 2017, multiple connections during single user session are stored as single entry.

  1. SP Racing F3 – 25% of all boards, lost 4 percent points
  2. Omnibus F4 Pro (aka v2 aka SD) – 15% of all boards, gained 5 percent points
  3. Naze32 rev. 5 and 6 – 13% of all boards, lost 6 percent points
  4. Omnibus F3 – 12%, lost 1 percent point
  5. Naze32 older than rev. 5 – 7%, gained 2 percent points
  6. Omnibus F4 v1 – 4%, gained 1 pp.
  7. Omnibus F4 v3 and v4 – 3%, first time in TOP 10
  8. SP Racing F3 EVO – 3%, lost 2 pp.
  9. CC3D – 3%, lost 1 pp.
  10. AnyFC F7 – 1%, first time in TOP 10

Other targets have 14% in total.

This data also says something about CPU generations distribution:

  1. STM32 F1 – 27%
  2. STM32 F3 – 47%
  3. STM32 F4 – 25%
  4. STM32 F7 – 1%

What changed comparing to June?

  1. First F7 board appeared in TOP 10!
  2. F1 and F3 targets are loosing market share, while F4 and F7 are more and more popular
  3. Naze32 is no longer second most popular board
  4. OpenPilot Revolution and Airbot F4 (more less the same) are out of the TOP 10
  5. Boards with integrated OSD are more and more popular. They already have 47% of market share

6 thoughts to “And the most popular flight controller for INAV is… (August 2017 edition)”

      1. Ok but what is the wisdom then (if any) of picking the generic REVO and not the AirbotF4 with the lower count to brake/deny SILENTLY the support of the internal compass in 173. and hit thereby a larger (if absolute small ) number of users with such a disruptive move ? 😉
        it’s a rhetorical question though ..since it was simple to undo the harm caused by “the brave developer” simply by making a custom 173 version for the REVO with the internal compass reactivated .
        Anyway hurray for the IC2 bus ..and its brave promoters 😉

  1. you are missing the point..which comes as a surprise since unusual

    the issue here is not that we disagree -what we indeed totally do – on whether an internal compass being useless or to whom of us is more competent to decide

    the issue is that you deny others to think otherwise than you do and go even as far as forcibly and without notice disable the means to use a built in feature of board feature and therewith willingly disrupt perfectly well functioning systems.

    Beyond that, technically there is no reason to artificially force user to use only an external compass instead of offering the option to choose between either an external mag or the built in one as seen fit by him the USER.

    By the way if you are interested on how a REVO is fitted on a DLG SNIPE and why an external mag is in that case nonsensical ….just say so and supply an email address and you’ll receive an eye opener 😉

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