3D printed FPV tricopter drone

Who could have imagined that tricopters can be so much fun? For sure they are interesting devices that lost a lot of "market" when quadcopters gained extra torque and plenty of reaction moment to do fast yaw turns. Almost no one flies them now. Too bad… And good luck if you want to buy a tricopter frame for 5-6 inch propellers. There is almost nothing on the market right now!

Luckily, we are living in interesting times, and everyone with few hundred dollars can get a 3D printer and make whatever he wants (right, if it was that simple…). Thanks to this, I give you a 3D printed tricopter frame designed to use miniquad parts: 2205 motors, 5 inch propellers and 9 gram servo:

STL files can be downloaded from Thingiverse

Presented setup:

Flight controller runs INAV 2.0.1

One thought to “3D printed FPV tricopter drone”

  1. hi! thanks very nice stuff!

    I would suggest to use a different tail mechanism as on this one motor is too UP and needs much more force for the servo, check the “impossible tilt”on thingiverse:
    you can see that servo axis is higher than the middle of the motor, much less force to move the motor and the props, also the mechanism is very simple, I made some changes and it can be printed and fits easily (removed the round motor protector part so de sides and now easier to print no large bridges also less weight and easier to fit on the motor).

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