I had no idea that connecting a field monitor to a camera can be that hard! Yes, mount or a small head is important, but the biggest problem is a HDMI cable. It turned out that my Panasonic Lumix GH5 mark 2 needs around 30cm long HDMI cable to connect to Feelworld F6 PLUS field monitor. And when I added a SmallRig swivel mount, it was even worse. All the short cables from companies like SmallRig or just generic short HDMI cables were just too short! Believe it or not, but I was not able to find anything on Amazon! Only after a long search on AliExpress I’ve found a spring, extensible and angled HDMI cables that fit perfectly! What a waste they are so hard to find in Europe!

Spring HDMI cable is a angled HDMI cable with a springy coil inside. The cable is designed to be used with field monitors, but it can be used with any HDMI device. The springy coil allows you to easily extend and retract the cable. It is also very flexible and can be bent in any direction. The cable is also exceptionally durable and can be used in any weather condition. It is a great cable for field monitors, but it can be used with any HDMI device.