The FPV news of the last few days is that Caddx Vista is dead. Or rather, there will be no new manufacturing of Caddx Vista digital VTXes as DJI decided to stop cooperation with Caddx. As Caddx never manufactured Vistas, only cameras, this means that ultimately, Caddx is unable, even if wanted, to produce more Vistas.

This means the following:

  1. Existing stock that you can find with retailers is the last supply of new Caddx Vistas and Caddx Air Units
  2. Currently it is unknown if DJI will sell Vistas and current generation Air Units under its brand
  3. Currently it is unknown if Caddx will sell DJI FP V cameras (but probably won’t)
  4. RunCam will continue selling their equivalent of Vista under the name of RunCam Link
  5. RunCam is planning to sell better DJI FPV compatible cameras that are on-pair with DJI and Caddx Nebula Pro camera
  6. The most probable reason that this is the retaliation for the fact that Caddx became DJI competition by moving Walksnail Avatar HD to the market