There is a popular opinion, a myth maybe, that drones powered by 6S LiPo batteries fly much longer and are much more efficient than their 4S counterparts. You know, lower current and lower KV motors need less current for the same torque.

The problem with this opinion is that it’s only partially correct. Yes, the higher voltage will have a lower voltage drop and the current is smaller, but the real-life difference is so small, that it adds nothing to the practical “efficiency”.

To compare 6S and 4S drones everything has to be equalized. KV of the motor scaled correctly, battery size and C-rating adjusted as well. And on top of that, it’s not voltage or current that flies the drone. It’s power. And like all energy, power has to be conserved. The lower current means higher voltage. Lower KV higher resistance and so on.

For the full story, just watch the video.