Almost exactly six months after the previous major release and four weeks after releasing the first test version, the INAV team is proud to announce that INAV 3.0 is ready! INAV 3.0 is almost here

The full list of changes in INAV 3.0 is very long, and it was already covered here and here. Instead of repeating myself again, let me just write down the ten most important changes! Bear in mind, it’s a subjective list, and everybody might find something beneficial to them!

  1. Turtle mode
  2. DSHOT beeper
  3. D-term processing for airplanesBrand new fixed-wing autotune
  4. New defaults for fixed-wings that will give better performance out of the box
  5. MAVLink v2 support
  6. RC over MAVLink
  7. Greatly improved and simplified compass setup. Right now “Default” means 270FLIP, which is the actual default for the majority of GPS units.
  8. Prearm mode
  9. Smoother waypoint missions with nav_mc_wp_slowdown = OFF
  10. F3 target deprecation. Sorry, INAV no longer supports F3 boards. Finally!

Where to get INAV 3.0?